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(The Only Mouse That Fits Like a Glove)

The Anatomically Derived Design is Scientifically Proven to address the Risk Factors
of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injury

Now Introducing the HandshoeMouse SHIFT - One Mouse to Fit BOTH Hands!

The capability of the traditional mouse design to perform the access to cursor control and activation cannot be denied - billions have used it over the years with great success. However, that successful usage has also created the problems referred to above as most traditional mice are simply too small for the hand and use a shape which forces both hand and fingers into an unnatural gripping position. This makes most conventional mice inherently uncomfortable. The requirement to Grip and Pinch, as well as hover above the mouse buttons are the major sources which may lead to Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Few people who work with computers as part of their daily routine are unfamiliar with these terms - even if they have not personally experienced any of the above the odds are high that co-workers or friends have already dealt with at least one of these. Studies indicate that 1 in 6 computer users currently experience one or more of these issues - if these issues were a virus, they would be considered an epidemic!

It should be no surprise, then, that these issues finally began to draw the attention of medical specialists looking for a 'cure' for this new disease. Extensive medical studies at Erasmus University Medical Center in the Netherlands as well as the National Taiwan University made it clear that traditional mouse design was to a great extent the root cause of these problems.

The HandshoeMouse
The Only Mouse That Fits Like a Glove
Picture of Handshoe Mouse

It became evident to the researchers at Erasamus that the best way to address these issues would be to design a new mouse built from a solid understanding of the human body and designed to be a 'natural' way of interfacing between human and computer. Repetive Strain Injuries (RSI), such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome are common amongst computer users, leaving many unable to effectively perform the day to day operations required to complete their work. Medical costs associated with these issues are soaring, as otherwise healthy individuals succumb to the pain and limitations forced upon them by these conditions. At the same time, the cost of lost productivity for businesses continues to rise, as workers find themselves forced to deal with daily pain and discomfort. Most often the end result is medical leaves of absence, Worker's Compensation and Insurance Claims, and ultimately the Loss of Ability to Work. Extensive medical studies were undertaken in an effort to gain a deeper understanding into the root causes of the issues most commonly associated with mousing. These studies eventually led to the development of an entirely new concept in mousing.

The HandShoeMouse

The introduction of the HandshoeMouse presented a new paradigm in computer mouse design (see video below). The new concept moved individuals away from the traditional Static Grip Force in an effort to control the mouse to a relaxed hand position while performing mousing tasks. This unique shape supports your hand in the best relaxed position and prevents the usual gripping and pinching action that usually occurs you use a standard mouse. This new design also reduced stress throughout the hand, arm and shoulder, becoming the first truly "anatomically derived" or "orthopedic" mouse design with the potential to address known risk factors. Over time the original HandshoeMouse grew into a family that included 4 Righthand and 3 Lefthand models, 6 of which are available in Wireless models that can also function as a corded mouse.

Due to the success of the design, the HandshoeMouse designers continue to improve the performance of the HandshoeMouse through improved switches, electronics and other technologies.

Now, with the 2021 introduction of the HandshoeMouse SHIFT, the HandshoeMouse family is complete. Designed to provide the same ergonomic benefits as the original HandshoeMouse, the SHIFT features an innovative designed that lets workers "SHIFT" it from Right to Left configuration in seconds to balance their workload between both hands and arms, further reducing the risks associated with repetitive use. The rechargeable SHIFT comes in 3 sizes (S, M, & L) and features a Bluetooth wireless connection for use with bluetooth-enabled computers. And, for those who still require a Wired device, the SHIFT can function equally well as a corded mouse.

Selecting YOUR HandshoeMouse

Handshoe Mouse Sizing Guide

Step 1 - What Size?

The comfort level and rate of success with the HandshoeMouse is dependent on not skipping this step.  Ensuring that the correct size of mouse is selected and fits your hand properly is well worth the couple of minutes that it takes. The image to the right demonstrates how to measure your hand accurately.  The appropriate size for each measurement is provided to the left of the hand. If your hand size fits at the cusp between two sizes, or your hand is particularly long and narrow or short and stubby, or if you are at all uncomfortable with making the size selection we strongly recommend that you take a few minutes and call our toll-free customer service line. One of our Product Specialists will confidently guide you to selecting the optimal size.

Step 2 - Left or Right or BOTH?

While almost all of us are naturally either Right or Left handed (generally making this an easy decision) it is sometimes wise to consider switching to our non-dominant hand especially if your existing mousing arm is already extremely aggravated. With models for both Right and Left Hands the HandshoeMouse serves well for one-handed mousing. However, if there is a desire to "Load Balance" cursor control between both hands, the HandshoeMouse Shift, the most recent addition to the family, can provide the same ergonomic benefits equally for BOTH hands, with a single mouse.

Regardless of your choice, a HandshoeMouse will provide a much more relaxed usage.

Step 3 - Wired or Wireless?

Whether you are looking for cordless convenience or corded reliability, there are HandshoeMouse options that will meet your requirements. The original HandshoeMouse is available in both corded and RF Cordless models. The RF Cordless offers the added convenience of being able to operate as a standard corded mouse while recharging the battery. The HandshoeMouse SHIFT offers the convenience of Bluetooth wireless and can also operate as a corded device with computers that do not offer bluetooth support.

The internal rechargeable batteries in the Wireless HandshoeMouse and HandshoeMouse SHIFT are designed for long-life which means that other than regular charging (via the supplied cable) these models will provide years of reliable service. AND, should the battery ever totally fail, both of these will still continue to function as a standard corded mouse.

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